Flood &

Sheet Piling Works Division 26 – Foxford


Irish Rail


Designed by Irish Rail


161 miles 1320 yds Ballina Branch

The project involved the development & implementation of details method statements & risk assessments for Pile installation, Tie rod Installation, gas cutting of piles and Whaler beam installation details. The site was located on the Ballina branch line at 161 miles 1320 yds in Foxford.

As part of this project Brian Conneely & Co. Ltd carried out an extensive site investigation of the track section to be stabilised. The sheet piles were stored in Foxford rail compound and were transported along the rail line using specialised rail plant to the site.

Approximately 20 lms of sheet piles were driven per night on site. Once the sheet piles  were driven, tie rods were installed by excavating a trench across the track every 4.5m. The Whaler beam was a 300mm x 100mm x 46kg/m PFC section.

There were two PFC sections fixed top and bottom of the tie rod. The tie rod was run through pre drilled backing plate. Once these works were complete the sheet piled wall was cut down level and back filled. Kee clamp handrail was then fixed to the top of the sheet piled walls. There was also post and rail fencing works to be carried out to the boundary fences in the area. 

Ennis Slope Remediation Works

Client: Irish Rail Consultants: Arup Consulting Location: 221/4MP on the Limerick – Ennis Railway Line Emergency remedial works were required consisting of re-grading existing embankments

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