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Athlone Flood Alleviation Scheme – Flood  Cell 1 – Deerpark






Deerpark Road, Athlone, Co Westmeath

The project involved the Development & Implementation of Safe Methods of Works and Environmental Management System for the specific site. Works involved the provision of steel sheet piles and the installation of same sheet piles to predetermined depths as per the design levels.

The Installation of approximately 240nr (78t) AZ12-770 sheet piles of lengths from of 4.5m to 12m with factory applied watertight sealant along the clutch. The design and fabrication of templates for driving piles ensure piles were driven straight and in line. We secured the template in position using box section while piles are driven. The banksman directed the excavator driver to ensure the piles were plumb vertically.

Piles were driven to refusal or to approx. 600mm of above design level.  This was to prevent the pile being driven, driving connecting pile below design level. Piles that hit refusal above design height were cut off using gas plant and gather for recycling by the excavator and grab. Works were carried out using our own company plant, equipment, and personnel. Piles were driven to refusal along the piling line and cut down to finished level as required. Piling was carried out Using CX210t Excavator with Movax Piling hammer and CX180 excavator with grab.

As part of this project an existing bridge had to be replaced to bring it to the correct standard. We installed new bed stones, bridge beams and parapet walls which tied into the sheet pile walls approaching the bridge. This would allow the bridge to remain open in times of high flood levels which previously would have cut off the bridge to local access users.

Ennis Slope Remediation Works

Client: Irish Rail Consultants: Arup Consulting Location: 221/4MP on the Limerick – Ennis Railway Line Emergency remedial works were required consisting of re-grading existing embankments

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