About Us

About Us

Brian Conneely & Co Ltd (Trading as Conneely Builders and Conneely Building & Civil Engineering) was established in 1994.

Since then the company has expanded and built a solid reputation in building, civil engineering and specialist engineering projects.

The company provides a comprehensive range of services for educational, transport, commercial, aviation, semi-state bodies, local authorities and private sectors.

The company has an excellent relationship with suppliers and sub-contractors on the whole range of projects that it is involved in.


The company has been involved in many sustainability projects over the last number of years for our clients.  These range from photovoltaic panels and other sustainable technologies for schools and businesses; efficient heating, lighting and cooling systems and charging stations for electric vehicles. Our Head Office premises is a recycled school and the majority of the office fit out and equipment therein is recycled. We recognise the need for increasing sustainability and we are installing a 100 KWP photovoltaic system at our Head Office to use renewable energy to power our facilities.  Alongside the PV installation we are installing AC and DC commercial chargers as well as a battery energy storage system.  We plan to transition the company fleet over the coming years to battery EV’s. Furthermore, the staff and visitors will be able to charge their electric vehicles during working times at the EV charging facility.

Conneely Energy

Conneely Energy Logo

We have launched a new company to deal with renewable technologies and be at the forefront by offering specialist products and services, especially in commercial EV charging technology, energy storage and large scale solar projects   The company has a partnership with EV Energy Ltd, trading as Affinity EV to enable the software and management of charging stations and to connect the automotive industry with renewable energy technologies.

Relationships & Frameworks

We work very closely with our clients and their team including, architects, consulting engineers and project managers. By working closely, we develop a clear concise understanding of their expectations and requirements.  The Conneely Group has over the years built up solid relationships with specialist sub-contractors for mechanical and electrical works as well as other works including concrete and steel frame, cladding and windows, roofing, blockwork, plastering, carpentry, floors, internal and external finishes to name a few.

Throughout the years we have built up a relationship whereby we can source the highest quality building materials at the most competitive prices and assured delivery times. The Conneely Group will always endeavour to source heavy materials such as concrete, blocks and stone fill from local suppliers near the location of any ongoing projects. By choosing local suppliers close to our projects ensures local employment as well as reducing our carbon footprint through reduced heavy vehicle transport times and distances. 

Over the years we have developed the necessary experience which allows our projects to be delivered on time and within budget.  The company has an excellent credit rating which allows it to deal with all major suppliers and clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility is aimed at having a positive impact on our employees, sub-contractors, clients, communities and environment.  Our construction and energy projects are managed to have a positive impact on our staff through a better life balance.  Our staff are encouraged to be involved in sporting organisations and local charities.  The company strategy towards the environment is very positive and we plan to substantially reduce our carbon footprint and to achieve nett zero emissions and become a climate-neutral company by 2050 or earlier.  We will encourage our consultants, suppliers, sub-contractors to have the same strategies.  We will provide the financial resources and direction from Senior Management to achieve the sustainability goals.  We will measure and reduce our carbon footprint to reach our net zero emissions goal.

Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety

See under the policies sections.

Modular Construction

The company has a modular building division which reduces work elements on sites and leads to greater efficiencies in the overall project.  The company has completed a major office development for Sports Ireland at Blanchardstown, Co Dublin using modular technology.  Other projects completed are schools, housing and administration buildings.  For further details on this, see our modular projects