Flood &

Ashbank Stabilisation Project Inch


Irish Rail


Designed by Irish Rail


Inch – Along the Dublin to Rosslare Rail Corridor

The project consisted of the Installation of 312 nr (136t) AZ12-770 sheet piles to depths of 6m for 240 linear meters using our own company plant, equipment and personnel. Piles were driven to refusal along the piling line and cut down to the finished level as required. Piling was carried out Using RRV Excavator with Movax Piling hammer and RRV excavator with grab. Piles were delivered to the site using RRV Excavator and Rail Trailer which was loaded at the site compound. We also Installed 240m of 305x305x96.9 UC galvanised whaler beam along the back of both sheet piles. Whaler beams were predrilled to match the required spacing of tie rods. Whaler beams were spliced at every 12m joint and bolted together. Once the tie rods had been installed and the whaler beam was secured to the sheet pile wall, we Installed 39 nr 8m 63mm diameter Galvanised GEWI Steel tie rods. Tie roads were installed by burning a hole in the sheet pile using gas and push the tie rod through the embankment at a depth of 1.5m below ground level. A small excavation was opened at the opposing sheet pile to locate tie rod which was then positioned in front of the hole in the sheet pile and pushed through. Galvanised patress plates and hex load bearing lock nuts were used to tighten & tension the tie rod.

Once the piling was completed and the horizontal bracing complete we installed 240m of Key clamp fencing along the top of both sheet piles walls to prevent falling from a height. The kee clamp fencing was installed in Pocket foundations of lean mix concrete. All works were carried out at night under TIII Possessions from Iarnrod Eireann. Tower lighting was used to light the works area. All plant & equipment travelled from the compound to the works site at the start and end of possession times.

Ennis Slope Remediation Works

Client: Irish Rail Consultants: Arup Consulting Location: 221/4MP on the Limerick – Ennis Railway Line Emergency remedial works were required consisting of re-grading existing embankments

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