Public Realm Works

Railway Street Roundabout Upgrade Scheme


Meath County Council


Clifton Scannell Emerson & Associates


Navan Co. Meath

Works involved upgrading the existing two-lane roundabout at the junction of Railway Street & Circular Road in the Centre of Navan Town. The aim of the works was to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians and complement the Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network and is part of an overall Improvement Scheme for Navan Traffic Management. The R161 is a primary route through Navan town and carries significant volumes of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, which required extensive Traffic and Pedestrian Management planning and implementation.

The scheme involved reduction of the roundabout to a single lane with a concrete overrun, new footpaths, raised 6 nr raised pedestrian crossings, cycle lanes, pedestrian footpaths, street lighting and traffic signals including realignment of some junctions. All works were carried out to TII Specifications.