Public Realm Works

I-Lofar Telescope at Birr Castle Demesne


Trinity College Dublin


Fitzsimons Doyle & Associates


Birr Castle Demense, Birr, Co. Offaly

Construction of a High Band & Low Band Radio Telescope Arrays as part of the I-Lofar Project at Birr Castle Demense.

The works involved construction of a raise platform & associated access roads using materials from a domestic gravel pit in Birr Demense. The raised platform was then left to consolidate. The following year the platform was surveyed & the location of each array set out by GPS. Trenches were excavated to bring cables for each array back to the control cabinet and the arrays covered with weed barrier and blinded with clean stone. Attendances were provided to Trinity College & I-Lofar to place & install cabling & the Low Band Antenna & High Band Antenna Tile arrays.

Ancillary works include filter drains around the raised platform, drainage, concrete slab & mains ducting for the control cabinet, installation of specialised soil anchors for the arrays, post & rail fencing and various attendances to Trinity College Staff & student team and I-lofar Ireland Staff.

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