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Turbine Hall and Bunker Bay Reroofing Moneypoint Station






Moneypoint, Kilrush, Co. Clare

Removal of 8,500m2 of asbestos roof tiles and replacement with 2 layers of mineral felt. The Turbine Roof was 36m high and the Bunker Bay Roof was 49m high. The works involved specialist subcontractors to lift and bag the asbestos tiles into 1t sealed bags which were lifted off the roof using a crane. The felt material was then lifted onto the roof and laid. The bags of Asbestos & roofing materials were staged on sheets of ply around the roof to prevent point loading.

The underlay layer of felt was mechanically fixed to the roof and the cap sheet torched on over it. Ancillary works included saddles to backs of roof vents to prevent ponding and new aluminium flashings to upstands & roof vents, ramps over services on the roof surface and A coloured torch on felt sheet as designated walking route around the roof.