Broombridge Station Footbridge & Civils Works


Iarnrod Eireann


Structural & Architectural Design Section , Iarnrod Eireann


Broombridge, Dublin

Construction of precast lift shafts and bridge as well as precast stairs to allow pedestrians to cross the railway at Broombridge station. The works were constructed to link the Luas Station and Train Station at Broombridge. The precast structures were erected on structural insitu concrete foundations, cast on top of odex piled foundations.

The works required widening of the existing platforms using precast concrete decks to allow the lift shaft construction and tying into the Luas Station.



Ancillary works including steel railings & balustrades, services infrastructure, hard & soft landscaping, surfacing and management of the installation of the lift cars within the two precast lift shafts were also required as part of this contract.

Oranmore Parkway Station

Client: Iarnrod Eireann Consultants: Iarnrod Eireann, Barrett Mahony, Byrne Looby Location: Oranmore, Co. Galway The Oranmore Parkway Station is a 174m long single passenger platform

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