Road and Car Park

Mungret Housing Development & Associated Infrastructure – LIHAF Stage 1


Limerick County Council


Mott MacDonald


Mungret, Limerick

Construction of new link road to service a new residential development in Mungret Co. Limerick. Works included construction of the 300m new Link road, installation of all trunk services & utilities for the development and widening and realignment of 255m of the R510 ( approx. AADT 11,000 ) to construct a new signalised junction with the link road. Works were carried out to TII specifications.

The scope of works included:


Excavation & disposal of approximately 2000m3 of excavated material including existing concrete footpaths and kerbs

Supply, place and compact 11,000m3 of Cl.804 & 6N

3,500m of ducting for services including construction of 15nr chambers

300m of 300mm Ø HDPE water main, with 70m of 150mm Ø HDPE spurs including electromagnetic flow meter and connection to the existing 300mm Ø Ductile Iron mains

360m of 225mm Ø HDPE foul sewer to depths of 4m with associated chambers and connection to the existing network  

320m of gas mains along the link road with associated junction & spur along each spur road for future connections.

Installation of 550 m of surface water drainage including connection into existing network, 16 new precast chambers and 40nr new gullies

Construction of 620m of Type 8 filter drain

Construction of 560m3 attenuation system including flow control chamber, hydrocarbon interceptor and associated vents, inspection points & chambers


1690m of precast kerbs, 90m2 of tactile paving and 2500m2 of shared concrete cycle/foot paths and 1100m2 of macadam footpaths.

Plaining of 2000m2 of existing road to various depths to realign the road to redesigned cross fall and levels. Road construction of the R520 involved 160m2 of 115mm AC32 base course macadam, 60t of AC 20 regulating course, 730m2 of 55mm AC20 binder course, 2050m2 of 45mm SMA 14 wearing course.


New road construction consisted of 2950m2 of 45mm SMA 14 on 55mm AC20 on 115mm AC32 on 50mm Cl804. All Plaining & macadam surfacing and line marking works were carried during the Easter midterm break over a week of nights to minimise traffic disruption and gangs were resourced for day & nighttime shifts.

Installation of 33nr 8m public lighting columns with 150w & 78w Led light fittings and associated bases, ducting, cabling, photocells, micro & mini pillars.

The signalised Junction & toucan crossings involved the installation of 17nr passively safe signal posts in retention sockets with associated ducting and cabling. The signalling system included 28nr signal heads with 8nr countdown timers, kerbside pedestrian detection, microwave vehicle detection, 16nr push button units and connection to Limerick City Council Central Control System.

4000m2 Top soiling & grass seeding of green areas, embankment and verges

NIA Car Park – Sport Ireland

NIA Car Park – Sport Ireland Client: Sport Ireland Consultants: Arup Consulting Engineers Location: National Indoor Arena, Sport Ireland Campus, Blanchardstown, Dublin Works involved construction

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